Anonymous Art Show

The Anonymous Art Show is an innovative art show. Over 700 paintings, $100 each. The catch is that you don’t know the name of the artist until after you buy a painting. That means buyers purchase art entirely on aesthetic and/or content appeal, which is pretty much how art *should* be purchased, right?

From an artist’s perspective, it *would be an interesting and potentially humbling exercise to see how well one’s work may or may not appeal to buyers in a sea of other paintings.

*I say “would be” because I may or may not have a piece or two in here. No one knows because it’s all anonymous. 😉

Opens Thursday, November 19 7-9:30pm and runs to December 19, 2015.

More details at the show page: Anonymous Art Show 2015.


Humblebrag alert: Sales started at 7:15 pm. First come, first serve. I got there at 8 pm intending to snap a few photos of my work on the wall but both were already sold and gone.

PS: Here are the two paintings:

 Indian Arm  Ironworkers