• Phra Nang Beach, Thailand•

    This was a wedding present for my cousin, who met her fiancé on Haad Yao Beach in Thailand. I wanted the painting to be a surprise so I used the source photo from one of their Facebook albums. It had a picture of a couple walking along that looked like they could be the happy couple, so I decided to paint it. Turns out it’s actually Phra Nang Beach and the distinctive rock formation is called Happy Island. So that works. As well, the translucency of the water and the natural framing of the trees, the dramatic side mountain and cloud formation makes it an appealing landscape.

    The colors used are mostly to match their décor, though I used some contrasting reds and purples to add vibrancy and passion. The rainbow effect of using the entire color spectrum gives the picture a prismatic, joyful effect.

    Landscapes always have to have a “path in” to lead the viewer into the picture. I like the fact that the two figures are walking into the picture, to some destination unseen. The eye goes diagonally, following the beach line left to right. The large cloud formation even seems to point towards the unseen area where the couple is headed.

    Clouds and water are always my favorite things to paint. Clouds in particular because they can be interpreted in brush swirls and air currents. In these clouds, the air currents and swirls indicate something joyful and celebratory is happening. The warmth of the beach, the tranquility of the water, and the zig-zaggy shoreline make it seem like there’s a perpetual stroll along a paradisiacal beach. An ongoing journey, a metaphor for life.


    Acrylic on Canvas, 16″ x 20″
    Spring, 2010
    Located at: Private collection (J&RT)