Available Work

Available original paintings. Don't see what you want? Contact me; I'll create it. See my Commissions page for details.

  • The Right Side of the Tracks painting

    The Right Side of the Tracks

    East Van view down the rail corridor towards the Militant Mothers of Raymur Pedestrian Bridge.

  • Cristo Redentor

    Rio's iconic Cristo. There is always a cultural longing for a saviour. More poignantly at some times than others.

  • Pinkscape


    Howe Sound as blush satin.

  • Playland

    Playland in the off season feels more gothic than giddy.

  • Hydrangeas II

    Hydrangeas are beautiful even as they fade.

  • Bifurcation

    The shoes-over-wires thing is a literal environmental footprint.

  • Pork House

    Pork Bellies are a commodity. Housing isn’t.

  • River District Circus

    The River District is an ex-industrial site on built on reclaimed swampland. It is marketed as the next Yaletown.

  • You Give Love a Bad Name

    This is a valentine to Valentine's Day because love isn't a simple heart-shaped experience.

  • Eastside Market

    Eastside Market was a cheerful place with tons of flowers. Closed, alas. Probably will become condos.

  • FTW

    Red represents vitality, passion, and love, as well as rage, sin, and debt.

  • Brimstone

    Yellow symbolizes sunshine, warmth, summer, and happiness. It also means fear, caution, and toxicity.

  • Coronation

    Blue means loyalty, masculinity, tranquillity, and favoured status. Blue is also the color of cold and sadness and death.

  • Pluteus

    Purple stands for eccentricity, ceremony, mystery as well as mourning, transformation, and bruising.

  • Capitol Hill Dawn•

    This painting shows a late-spring morning when Burrard Inlet is calm and the commuters haven’t started bustling yet.

  • Vanorama I•

    Vancouver is one of those cities that becomes like Oz when you see the setting sun reflecting off the buildings.

  • VAG

    The Vancouver Art Gallery was originally a courthouse and often plays one for various film crews.

  • Yearning

    Yearning is when you secretly believe that what you want is possible.

  • Fear in a Handful of Dust

    T.S. Eliot series: "I will show you fear in a handful of dust".

  • Each Confirms A Prison

    T.S. Eliot series: "We think of the key, each in his prison; thinking of the key, each confirms a prison."

  • Till Human Voices Wake Us

    TS Eliot series: "Till human voices wake us, and we drown."

  • The Way The World Ends

    TS Eliot series: "This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang but a whimper."

  • Empathy

    Like the frost you see melting on a cold windowpane.

  • EKG


    The sense of reflection and the up-and-down movement reminds me of those EKG heart monitors.

  • CAT 797 at the Suncor Oilsands

    Once upon a time, I had a lot of practice depicting Caterpillar equipment.