Representative work. Please note that if the image title has a " •" after it, it has been sold.

  • East Van Xmas

    East Van Christmas

    Lights, snow, and East Van magic.

  • Shuswap Summer (Mara Lake)•

    Solid-gold sunshine and champagne water.

  • Blossoms

    Springtime burst of pink confetti petals.

  • Vancouver East II•

    Like flying over Never Never Land at dusk.

  • The Spirit of Jazz

    The Spirit of Jazz•

    Jazz music as colour and smoke.

  • Terminal City•

    Vancouver is a city of beginnings and endings. But, oh, the sunsets.

  • Kits Beach Summertime Afternoon•

    Kits Beach is the perfect tranquility base.

  • Osoyoos Vacation•

    Osoyoos is a perfect vacation spot if you like warm water, wine, and sunshine.

  • Azores Walk•

    Hydrangeas are a symbolic flower in the Azores and make for colorful windbreaks along the coastal trails.

  • Density•

    Density is a contentious topic in Vancouver.

  • Lion’s Gate Night Out III•

    The essence of this scene is the anticipation of a night out: sequins, sparklers, lit pathways, and dancing stars.

  • Toronto Autumn Over Riverdale•

    View of Toronto's many skyscrapers over Riverdale Park's bright autumn trees.

  • Vancouver East•

    Panoramic view of Vancouver's Downtown East Side. Some elements have been exaggerated.

  • East Van Alley•

    Vancouver alleys, whether they are urban gritty or backyard overgrown, are lovely in their roughshod untidiness.

  • September Morning•

    Vancouver's harbour on an early fall morning.

  • The Bird House (4291 W. 9th)•

    The eye-catching red roof and trim make this one of the most distinctive houses on the block.

  • Bright Sea, Bold City•

    Burrard Inlet with turbulent rainbow waters.

  • Calgary Horizon•

    This is the view from Sandy Beach Park of downtown Calgary on a late afternoon fall day.

  • Kamloops Red Bridge•

    The Red Bridge was built before the mass production of automobiles; you can tell when driving over it.

  • East Van Panorama II•

    The view is a collage of many landmarks that East Vancouver residents know and love.

  • The Grind•

    The Grind is a 3 km trail up Grouse Mountain. 3 km may not seem long but the incline makes it feel a lot longer.

  • Misty Mountain Cranes•

    Morning fog is magical: mountains become an opalescent mirage while the cranes become primordial pack animals.

  • Kamloops Spring•

    Kamloops is full of golden tones and subtle pastels. The quiet beauty that resonates over time.

  • McArthur House•

    This is a perfectly happy "Hello Bluebird" house in East Van.

  • Granville Island IV•

    This classic Vancouver scene is what you see when you cross the Granville Street bridge.

  • Capitol Hill Dawn•

    This painting shows a late-spring morning when Burrard Inlet is calm and the commuters haven’t started bustling yet.

  • If I Had A World Of My Own•

    Imagination is the best part of childhood. When you're young, you imagine more because you know less.

  • Ivanhoe Night•

    The Ivanhoe is a backpacker's hostel so I gave it an easy sag to the walls, like a comfortable mattress.

  • Color of Industry•

    The cranes are the most lifelike elements in this painting. Cranes are a motif for hard work and manual labour.

  • Vancouver Sunrise•

    Vancouver is full of endless damp grey days so when you get a break in the weather, the city seems extra bright.

  • Carnegie Centre Morning•

    Carnegie Centre with a slightly-askew toque and two front columns bent like hands cupping a flame.

  • Heroin Alley•

    The dramatic lighting and the red bricks against the greenbelt of Victory Square give this scene a sense of salvation.

  • Sulfur Piles•

    A quintessential Vancouver scene on one of those perfect late-afternoon winter days.

  • Whistler Village•

    Whistler Village is a charming place full of bright little buildings nestled against snowy slopes.

  • Kitsilano Neighborhood II•

    This is a street in Kits dressed up like a cheerful Saturday Morning cartoon.

  • Granville Island Morning•

    This is Granville Island on a bright fall morning against a backdrop of tall and willowy downtown buildings.