• Vancouver Sunrise•

    In this early morning Vancouver Seabus view, I decided to use more fiery reds and yellows and fewer blues and greens. As much as I love Vancouver, there are more dull days here than bright ones. You get a lot of mist and an unrelenting monochromatic sense of gray every day when you live in a coastal rainforest: gray days in, gray days out, gray days  I wanted the overall effect to be a bouquet of jewel-toned warmth: sapphire, emerald, ruby, and gold.

    This rendition says that after all the endless damp gray-Gray-GRAY in Vancouver, when you get a bright day here it seems extra-super-REALLY bright. When you wake up and see a clearing in the rain and feel the sun, it feels like all the Vitamin D in your body sits up and shouts, Booyah!