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  • Dear Everybody Waiting for Paintings

    It’s been a chiaroscuro year.

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  • Studio Break & Travel Alert

    Studio break for a couple months. All good.

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  • Juicebox Interview

    Here’s a little interview I did on The Daily Juicebox. I chatter about my past, my work, and why I probably need counseling.

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  • Livin’ the Dream

    When you introduce  yourself as an artist, people often remark  in a well-intentioned way how you are “livin’ the dream,” because if you do what you love (everyone assumes people in the arts are doing what they love), you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s the dream: love, productivity, appreciation, but no work. There’s a […]

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  • Art and Seeing Things

    I gave a talk on “Art and Seeing Things” to a large group of Grade 4 students. There’s even a video.

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  • Business Planning

    I used to compile business plans back in my corporate days. These plans were fat, shiny binders bedazzled with rainbow charts and stuffed with sunny spreadsheets describing the annual fiscal resolutions of my department. Each salesperson would put in their anticipated revenue, admin would counter with anticipated costs, and there’d be a ton of back […]

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  • Venues, Exposure, How to Sell Your Art – Part 2

    In a previous entry, I discussed galleries, public venues, and charity auctions as potential sales channels for art. Now I’ll share my experiences with festivals and online websites. 4. Festivals and Events By “festivals”, I mean art-themed events like art walks and organized open studio tours. These are, by far, the best opportunity for sales. […]

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  • Venues, Exposure, How to Sell Your Art – Part 1

    I have mixed feelings about “exposure.” By exposure, I mean how you, fellow artists, get your work out into the world so people can enjoy it and possibly even remunerate you for it. Ways and means are: 1. Art Galleries 2. Public Venues 3. Charity Auctions 4. Festivals and Events 5. Online Websites and Communities I’m […]

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  • An Artist’s Life, Part V

    I love painting but I hate that making a living from it means I have to push the edges of my own sanity before I get to the “living” part. Living requires money. I’m a Libra, which apparently means I’m all about something called “balance.” In fact, I’m so airy-logical that I don’t believe in crazy […]

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  • An Artist’s Life, Part IV

    So, can you really make a living at it? I get asked this a lot. There’s a perception that unless you’re supporting yourself entirely on art, you’re not professional. That’s not true. Then there’s that old perception that all artists must starve for their art, and unfortunately there is some truth to that. The word […]

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