Figurative means portraits and depictions of people or people-like subjects. I enjoy doing work that ventures beyond my usual landscape fare.

  • 7 pm•

    Vancouver archetypes coming together for the 7pm cheer.

  • Cristo Redentor

    Rio's iconic Cristo. There is always a cultural longing for a saviour. More poignantly at some times than others.

  • The Spirit of Jazz

    The Spirit of Jazz•

    Jazz music as colour and smoke.

  • Corvid Vicious•

    Crows are totally punk.

  • Arty Smarty Party People

    Illustration project showing a variety of couple stereotypes plus one that combined them all.

  • Dissedtopia•

    This is Hansel and Gretel at Hastings and Main looking westward at apocalyptic destruction.

  • Dido Babiak•

    Dido, or "дідусь" is Ukrainian for "Grandfather"

  • Keep It Real•

    This image is often how I feel when I read the news.

  • Black Queen Advances•

    Illustration for a course on graphic narrative.

  • If I Had A World Of My Own•

    Imagination is the best part of childhood. When you're young, you imagine more because you know less.

  • Writers Are Sexy•

    Illustration for a writing contest poster. The slogan was "Writers Are Sexy."

  • Banned Books•

    Illustration for a course in Banned and Censored Books featuring Lolita and American Psycho.

  • Anger is an Energy•

    Mixed media collage to advertise a course in “angry” novels.

  • Wild Party Promo•

    Poster illustration for a musical called The Wild Party based on an epic, book-length poem written by Joseph Moncure March in 1928. The poem was wid…

  • Film Noir Study•

    Film Noir elements include: stark lighting, a femme fatale, a gun, bullet holes, and a bit of spot color, usually blood-red.

  • Yearning

    Yearning is when you secretly believe that what you want is possible.

  • Charlie “Bird” Parker

    Charlie Parker, 1920-1955, was arguably the greatest saxophonist of all time.

  • Listener

    People always paint jazz musicians playing; this is of someone listening.

  • Waiting For (1993)

    This is based on Lisette Model’s black and white photograph, “Woman with Veil, San Francisco, 1949”.

  • This Too Shall Pass

    Corpse (This Too Shall Pass)

    Painting of a mummified corpse and still a favorite in my inner goth world. I was intrigued by the position and the "scream" effect. I used to pull it…