• FTW

    Red has the most duality of all the colors. It means vitality, life, passion, and love as well as rage, sin, and debt.

    The Woodwards W is a sign that became a symbol. In 2002, the Woodward’s building was occupied for several months – “Woodsquat” – when people grew frustrated with the lack of affordable housing while the Woodwards building sat empty on prime space.

    This shows the “W” between two buildings – one sepia-old, one sharply modern – like two arms trying to hold the walls from collapsing.

    To a younger web-savvy generation, “FTW” means “For The Win!” To an older 80’s-maturation generation “FTW” is a punk epithet: “Fuck The World.” There’s a duality. Some people see the Woodward’s W symbol as a victory, and some see it as anarchy.

    Acrylic on Canvas, 16″ x 12″
    Autumn, 2011
    Located at: my studio.