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  • Night Over Lion’s Gate III

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  • Vancouver Harbour Panorama

    I paint aerial perspectives and whimsically compressed views to fit in all the landmarks and create a sense of motion and familiarity.

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  • Kamloops Red Bridge

  • Calgary

  • I am a full-time expressionist painter with a surrealist edge. I paint urban landscapes and personify buildings so they look like the people who live in them.
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    • Lion’s Gate Night Out III•

      The essence of this scene is the anticipation of a night out: sequins, sparklers, lit pathways, and dancing stars.

    • Calgary Horizon•

      This is the view from Sandy Beach Park of downtown Calgary on a late afternoon fall day.

    • Granville Island Morning•

      This is Granville Island on a bright fall morning against a backdrop of tall and willowy downtown buildings.

    • Granville Island IV•

      This classic Vancouver scene is what you see when you cross the Granville Street bridge.