• Terminal City

  • Vancouver Harbour Panorama

    I paint aerial perspectives and whimsically compressed views to fit in all the landmarks and create a sense of motion and familiarity.

  • East Vancouver

  • Vancouver East

  • Night Out over Lion’s Gate

  • Color of Industry

  • Groundwork

  • Vanorama

  • Kamloops Red Bridge

  • I am a full-time expressionist painter with a surrealist edge. I paint urban landscapes and personify buildings so they look like the people who live in them.
  • Latest Work

    • The Rio•

      The iconic Rio Theatre on Broadway and Commercial is one of Vancouver's most beloved multimedia venues.

    • Coal Harbour Sunset

      At sunset, the world is simultaneously calm and vibrant.

    • Vancouver Synecdoches

      A synecdoche is a part that represents the whole. This is a rainbow of east and west side Vancouver landmarks.

    • Terminal City•

      Vancouver is a city of beginnings and endings. But, oh, the sunsets.

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  • Featured Paintings

    • Azores Walk•

      Hydrangeas are a symbolic flower in the Azores and make for colorful windbreaks along the coastal trails.

    • Ivanhoe Night•

      The Ivanhoe is a backpacker's hostel so I gave it an easy sag to the walls, like a comfortable mattress.

    • Carnegie Centre Morning•

      Carnegie Centre with a slightly-askew toque and two front columns bent like hands cupping a flame.

    • Vancouver East•

      Panoramic view of Vancouver's Downtown East Side. Some elements have been exaggerated.