• 4 Brightoncrest Way, Calgary•

    The idea of painting a house as if it has fluid, collapsible architecture gives the house “expressivity”. The garage doors appear to grin, the windows twinkle and wink, and the front door is a dimple. The earth around the house buckles in response and the clouds dance and form merry little heart shapes and playful swirls. The whole effect is one of joy.

    A couple’s first house is a significant event: it is where they share and build a life together. Thus, 4 Brightoncrest Way is a container for the journey that started in Thailand, at Haad Yao beach. The expressivity of this home is that it can barely contain its excitement and is bursting with happiness and optimism.

    This was a wedding present for my cousin. It’s a portrait of their house in Calgary. I used colors to match their décor – blues, greens, taupe, black.



    Acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″
    Spring, 2010
    Located at: Private collection (J&RT)