• Floratricity•

    Experimental mixed-media piece. The flowers are vinyl remainders and the lower ground is woodchips and shavings so it’s a blend of synthetic and nature. The flowers in the painting have a current of electricity around them, as if they are being jolted to life. Springtime is when that strange resurrection occurs: flowers rise from their graves fresh as daisies and the world becomes alive with that new-earth loamy smell. Life returns.

    For a while, this was conceptually titled something like April is the Cruellest Month and was going to be part of my T.S. Eliot series. But springtime is just too much fun and wonder to dwell on death, even metaphorically. It’s about starting over and that jolt of life you get from growth.

    Mixed media on canvas, 24″ x 30″
    Spring, 2009
    Located at: Private residence (LP).