• House of Windsor•

    This house is known throughout its Windsor Street neighborhood as “The Turret House,” though in strict architectural terms, it has more of a tower than a turret. The architectural influence is turn-of-the century Queen Anne. It’s quite a tall residence with three stories of high ceilings. It sort of resembles a big sandcastle surrounded by a beautiful garden of wild roses and Giant Russian sunflowers.

    The owner tells me that they keep trying to find a use for the open-air turret. One year they tried to string a hammock up there. It seems like it would make for a breezy and peaceful place to read except whoever tried relaxing up there kept getting attacked by birds. Thus, down came the hammock and now it’s mostly a lookout.


    Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 12″
    Spring, 2014
    Located at: My Studio