• Hydrangeas•

    Sunflowers are my favorite flower to paint because they’re showy and colorful, but hydrangeas are my favorite flower to look at. They never seem to be trying to attract attention. They don’t have a heavy fragrance like roses or gardenias. Their pretty pastel shades are more soothing than bright. They prefer the damp shady spots where most flowers don’t bloom easily and even their round blooms look like pompoms cheering on something else in the garden. This is the world’s most beautiful understated flower.

    I was inspired by a variegated hydrangea bush that I pass on my way to work. The bush is capable of producing many different colored blooms from the same root. Perhaps it can’t decide which color is prettiest, or perhaps it wants to make everyone happy. Either way, it’s a metaphor I understand.


    Acrylic on canvas, 11″ x 14″
    Located at: Private Collection