• Kamloops Red Bridge•

    The Red Bridge was built before the mass production of automobiles. That means – and I know this from experience – that the width of the bridge is better suited to a horse and maybe a buggy than two side-by-side cars. It’s scary as hell to start driving over this bridge and see headlights approaching from the other end. You kind of hold your breath and hope to hell that the oncoming headlights don’t belong to a Ford 250 with dualies.

    The government sign posted nearby the landmark bridge says:

    “Kamloops is a city of bridges. During the early 1880s the growing community of Kamloops needed a bridge to connect with its most important partner, the Kamloops Indian Band. Tenders for Kamloops’ first bridge were called in 1887. The wooden truss structure measured 300 metres and included a swing span to accommodate paddle wheelers. The official name for the bridge was the Government Bridge but it was always colloquially known as the Red Bridge. The Red Bridge was repaired and replaced in 1910 and again in 1937. Nearly a century later, the Red Bridge still stands and continues to serve as a vital link between Kamloops and the KIB. It has withstood floods and fire and is a much-loved landmark in the city and an important monument to the history and heritage of Kamloops.”

    Acrylic on canvas, 12″ x 24″
    Spring, 2014
    Located at: Private Collection