• Shuswap Summer•

    Shuswap Lake is a favorite British Columbia summertime destination. Every local secretly hopes that the rest of the world doesn’t find out about it in order to keep the casual and untouched “private paradise” sense of the lake. The long, H-shaped lake has many corners and secret beaches that you can only discover by boat. The water is generally uncrowded and cool in the 30+°C degree heat and people pretty much live in the water, on the water, or looking at the water from their decks during the hot interior BC summers.

    This painting is of a special cabin on Shuswap Lake. It’s a perfect day during the peak of summer. The characteristic highlights are the puffy white clouds, pine-covered hills, and Copper Island because you can see it from almost everywhere on the lake. I wanted to emphasize the contrast of hot sun overhead and cool, refreshing water so I used bright fluorescents on the shore and a spectrum of aquas for the water. The view is a composite and combines not only the cabin but the view from the cabin, the family boat, and a favorite boating destination. It’s one of those days where you’ve got just the right breeze to go anywhere.


    Acrylic on canvas, 12″ x 24″
    Spring, 2014
    Located at: Private Collection