• Vancouver Rowing Club•

    This was painted as it appeared in the 1980’s, when things were a little brighter and neon was a perfectly acceptable clothing colour.

    The Rowing Club building today is not a reddish brown. These days, the building is very dark brown English Tudor style with white accents. I prefer the old chocolate colour. I also prefer the bright 1980’s style boats. They are much brighter than the bland white ones that park there today.

    The only message about this painting, if there is one, is this is a place where people have celebrations: they get married, they have anniversary parties, they celebrate life here. The clouds look like balloons, the trees look like birthday candles, and the boats and water have all sorts of confetti color in them.


    Acrylic on Canvas, 36″x 36″
    Summer, 2007
    Located at: Private collection (PC)