• Vanorama Autumn•

    Autumn sunsets are closer to the horizon and seem to bathe everything in gold. I remember seeing a sunset like this that made everyone stop in awe and stare.

    The mountains and water characterize this city but I’ve heard some say Vancouver’s architecture is unremarkable: “Take away the mountains and the sea,” one critic sniffed, “And you’ve got Mississauga.” Another critic spoke about Vancouver having “Cheerleader Beauty” with no real character.

    I would disagree. The spectacular light effects amplified by the glass and steel buildings are by design. Moreover, while the majority of Vancouver’s buildings tend toward a rounded rectangular sameness, the few that *do* stand out as features really stand out. The art deco Burrard Street bridge, for example. Harbour Centre. Crownlike BC Place. The Scotia tower. Wall Center. The new Erickson building. There are enough recognizable landmarks to make our city’s skyline unique and the westernmost sunset light that sets it aglow is our own location-specific blessing and can sometimes make you turn and gasp in awe.


    Acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 72″
    Winter, 2012
    Located at: Private Collection