• Walking Distance•

    These are casted (sculptural) shoes based on a size 10 men’s John Fluevog “Prince George” boot. They were created as part of a fundraiser for my studio building.

    The left shoe is what you can see walking east from The Beaumont: the Lee Building on Main Street, The East Van cross on Clark Drive, the Ironworkers’ Bridge, and the ubiquitous cranes that you can see from every part of East Van. The right shoe is what you see if you walk west: False Creek, Granville Island, Burrard Bridge, Aquabuses, and BC place. Everything explodes with color.

    There is a little political symbolism in the directionality of the left shoe vs. the right shoe: East Van political leanings tend to be leftier than West Side political leanings. Meanwhile, the lipstick-red soles are an iconic nod to another famous luxury shoe, but I’ve been putting red borders on all my Ghost Town series of paintings of dying cultural centers. Red means stop. Red means anger and passion. Red means and love and lifeblood. That’s applicable, too.


    Acrylic on Casted Material
    Summer, 2014
    Located at: Private Collection