• Zawadzki Cabin•

    This scene is of a lovely cabin in the woods near Barriere, British Columbia. The setting is after one of those fresh snowfalls that makes the woods seem calm and wonderlandy but also begs to be played in.

    The two children featured here love to have snowball fights in front of the cabin. They are captured just after the hit of an on-target snowball: the boy is brushing the snow off his head and his sister’s arm is raised in a “HA!” victory gesture. Not far away, the larger-than-life cabin cat looks on with deadpan oversight. The bright reds and yellows of the wood provide a contrast against the cool frosty background and the cabin is the warm, dancing center.

    IMG_3658Architecturally, the cabin is distorted to have a cheeky-winky grin and appears to bulge outwards. It is full of life, which reflects the family themselves. They are active, have full lives, and good senses of humor. They like to have fun.

    I did a “close up” view of the cabin so the viewer can focus on the children and the cat. The surrounding scenery is storybook-beautiful but the kids at play are the compositional focus because that’s the real-life focus for this busy family, where a moment of play in a beloved setting is the sum and celebration of life.


    Acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 30″
    Winter, 2013
    Located at: Private Collection