• Murder in East Van•

    Murder in East Van

    Icons of East Van: a Vancouver Special, the East Van cross, and exactly 13 crows flying overhead.

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  • Corvid Vicious•

    Crows are totally punk.

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  • Vancouver Synecdoches•

    A synecdoche is a part that represents the whole. This is a rainbow of east and west side Vancouver landmarks.

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  • East Van Panorama II•

    The view is a collage of many landmarks that East Vancouver residents know and love.

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  • East Van Migration•

    The nightly crow migration is an awesome sight in East Van.

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  • Crow Longboard•

    This was an experiment for a friend who loves crows, and even owned a pet crow in his youth. The topside is based on a photograph that he took of several crows in a tree. It is meant to be muscular and visceral foliage blending into stormy crow-filled skies. Crows at sunset, just before they […]

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