• DTES•

    This is a truncated view of Hastings Street. The Dominion Building, Save On Meats, Balmoral Hotel, and the Ovaltine Café are, in reality, blocks away from each other but they are all some of the most characteristic architectural structures in Vancouver’s downtown east side. This was done as backdrop design for the 2016 East Van Panto: Little Red Riding Hood.

    The overall tone is dark but the buildings are playful—dancing, even—and the classic neon signs light up the night. There’s a balance of scary and quirky seen in the “faces” buried in the building facades. These are faces that seem scary until you get to know them.

    Other menacing touches include the looming cranes in the background and the orange tree-protecting fences. These are motifs of gentrification and demolition in Vancouver.

    Acrylic on Canvas, 18″x24″
    Located at: private collection (SOLD)