• Vancouver Harbour Panorama

    I paint aerial perspectives and whimsically compressed views to fit in all the landmarks and create a sense of motion and familiarity.

  • East Vancouver

  • Vancouver East

  • Night Out over Lion’s Gate

  • Color of Industry

  • Groundwork

  • Vanorama

  • Kamloops Red Bridge

  • I am a full-time expressionist painter with a surrealist edge. I paint urban landscapes and personify buildings so they look like the people who live in them.
  • Latest Work

    • Azores Walk•

      Hydrangeas are a symbolic flower in the Azores and make for colorful windbreaks along the coastal trails.

    • Christmas Lights

      There's a special confluence of festivity when Vancouver gets snow in December.

    • Hydrangeas II

      Hydrangeas are beautiful even as they fade.

    • Fraser Cottage•

      Starry night in Washington over dancing pines.

  • News

    • Studio Break & Travel Alert

      Studio break for a couple months. All good.

    • Inhabit the Contradiction.

      Inhabit the Contradiction is on display at Blueshore Marine Drive in North Van until May 10, 2017.

    • 2017 Calendar Cover

      Vancouver Calendars

      2017 Vancouver calendars are available. Sold out at studio but you can order them online.

    • Seasonal Events End of 2016

      October through December are always busy times. Here are a few shows and appearances that are in the works.

  • Featured Paintings

    • Kamloops Red Bridge•

      The Red Bridge was built before the mass production of automobiles; you can tell when driving over it.

    • Ukraine Sunflower Field•

      Ukraine’s flag is blue and gold. Blue represents the sky (hope), and gold represents crops (prosperity).

    • Vancouver Rowing Club•

      This is the Rowing Club in as it appeared in the 1980's, when neon was a perfectly acceptable clothing colour.

    • The Bird House (4291 W. 9th)•

      The eye-catching red roof and trim make this one of the most distinctive houses on the block.