• Vancouver Harbour Panorama

    I paint aerial perspectives and whimsically compressed views to fit in all the landmarks and create a sense of motion and familiarity.

  • East Vancouver

  • Vancouver East

  • Night Out over Lion’s Gate

  • Color of Industry

  • Groundwork

  • Vanorama

  • Kamloops Red Bridge

  • I am a full-time expressionist painter with a surrealist edge. I paint urban landscapes and personify buildings so they look like the people who live in them.
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    • 2016_Calendar_Front

      Vancouver Calendars

      My 2016 Vancouver calendars are available online.

    • busycalendar2

      Upcoming Events

      November and December are always busy times. Here are a few shows and appearances that are in the works.

    • Panto2015

      East Van Panto 2015: Hansel & Gretel

      I illustrated the set for the 2015 East Van Panto again this year. This is far and away one of my favorite projects.

    • anonymous-art-show-invite-2015-final_0

      Anonymous Art Show

      The Anonymous Art Show is innovative. Over 700 paintings, $100 each. The catch is that you don't know the name of the artist until after you buy.

  • Featured Paintings

    • Whistler_Village

      Whistler Village•

      Whistler Village is a charming place full of bright little buildings nestled against snowy slopes.

    • East Van Alley

      East Van Alley•

      Vancouver alleys, whether they are urban gritty or backyard overgrown, are always beautiful in their roughshod untidines…

    • Vancouver Sunrise

      Vancouver Sunrise•

      Vancouver is full of endless damp grey days so when you get a break in the weather, the city seems extra bright.

    • Sulfur Piles

      Sulfur Piles•

      A quintessential Vancouver scene on one of those perfect late-afternoon winter days.