• Vancouver Harbour Panorama

    I paint aerial perspectives and whimsically compressed views to fit in all the landmarks and create a sense of motion and familiarity.

  • East Vancouver

  • Vancouver East

  • Night Out over Lion’s Gate

  • Color of Industry

  • Groundwork

  • Vanorama

  • Kamloops Red Bridge

  • I am a full-time expressionist painter with a surrealist edge. I paint urban landscapes and personify buildings so they look like the people who live in them.
  • Latest Work

    • Hydrangeas


      Hydrangeas are the world's most beautiful understated flower.

    • English Bay

      English Bay•

      This English Bay scene contains pertinent symbols: hearts, a tiara, and a "Y" pathway to denote "Yes".

    • Vancouver_Primavera_sm

      Vancouver Primavera•

      People go nuts when the cherry blossoms come out in Vancouver.

    • Vanorama_Sunset_sm

      Vanorama Sunset•

      Autumn and winter are the best times of year to see spectacular sunsets in Vancouver.

  • News

    • busycal_nov2016

      Upcoming Events

      October through December are always busy times. Here are a few shows and appearances that are in the works.

    • 2017 Calendar Cover

      Vancouver Calendars

      My 2017 Vancouver calendars are available.

    • Inhabit the Contradiction Show Mosaic

      Inhabit the Contradiction.

      Inhabit the Contradiction is a series of 25 small paintings on display at Blueshore Financial, 2212 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC until Oct. 31, 2016.

    • Judg(e)mental Map of Vancouver

      That Judgmental Map I Made

      About that map. And, yes, you can get a poster.

  • Featured Paintings