East Van Panto 2018: The Wizard of Oz

I illustrated the set for the 2018 East Van Panto again this year. This is far and away one of my favorite projects. My mother always told me I should be a children’s book illustrator. I always wanted to be a political cartoonist. This project is the best of both!

Here are some of the pieces and the local references.

The East Van Panto runs until January 6, 2019 and it will likely sell out as it does every year. Get tickets here: http://thecultch.com/

Dorothy’s Home

Dorothy’s midwestern home is in a Port Coquitlam tiny townhouse development and, luckily for us, there are a lot of places like it. The flat is styled as a vintage postcard / real estate ad.

Dream Sequence (Coroplast Cutouts)

Dorothy’s memories of home are more comforting than a weighted blanket and a fidget spinner.

Munchkinland / Condo Brick Road (Hastings Sunrise)

A rapidly gentrifying commuter corridor for the little people.

Chicken Plant

That smell.

#84 Bus & Chicken Truck Flats

Passage for pilgrims and poultry.

Point Grey Witch Lair

This is based on last year’s Stepmonster McMansion. We kept the Trump-inspired Rococco styling and M.C. Escher illusion confusion and added extra evil with wild west oil baron touches and a Point Grey tanker view.

Witch Weaponry (Coroplast Cutouts)

Various tools used by the Wicked Witch of the West.

The Magical Land of O.V. (Olympic Village)

Very green. Very dense. And in the heart of the development, the lone industrial heritage building beats with fear.

The Wizard

Based on Yue Minjun’s A-MAZE-ing Laughter Biennale Sculpture.

 Ever wonder who the happiest person in Vancouver is?